How We Help


In order to establish your investment plan we use a specific process


At this initial stage of your investment plan we need to gather and review all of your important financial statements.  Where you currently are at your Financial CrossPoint, then determining where you want and need to be.


We build personalized strategies for individuals, families and small businesses so taking the extra step to get you to the next stage in your investment plan is the key focus here.  That’s why we customize, to tailor the plan for you.


Technology and communication is ever changing and so are your lives.  We implement your investment plan by telling and showing you what will happen and when.

Cross Check

In order for your long and short term strategies stay on the proper path, regular communication, based on your preferences, is discussed, created and put into place.  We make sure we cross check what we discussed, any life changes, and future plans as well.


This process can be applied to a variety of investment options and needs

Investment Management

At CrossPoint Wealth, we have a consultative process and individualized method to helping clients achieve their financial goals.  This approach focuses on the client, their family and what matters most now and in the future.  CrossPoint Wealth believes every investor deserves a customized investment strategy and we strive to implement a portfolio best suited to help you reach your financial goals.

Trust and Estate Strategies

Proper estate planning strategies are essential when trying to ensure that your wealth passes to your loved ones according to your wishes.  By putting together a life planning continuum, we help clients throughout the various stages of their lives – from providing for the children of young families, to representing those clients who are thinking about retirement or already in retirement, to helping clients who have long-term care needs, to taking care of families who have lost loved ones.  We help guide you in creating a strategy designed to pass your assets smoothly.

Long Term Care Planning

Long-term care planning includes a variety of services and supports to meet your personal healthcare needs.  As you age, you can feel better knowing there are steps you can take to help ensure that your wishes, both medical and financial, are carried out the way you desire.  Advance care planning entails discussing your wishes, completing legal documents and a selecting a health care decision maker.

Risk Management

When it comes to risk management, CrossPoint Wealth believes in understanding each client’s personal appetite for risk in regards to their investments.  It is then through careful portfolio construction, cutting-edge technology, and transparency that CrossPoint Wealth strives to create an environment where your investments are consistently monitored and you are kept you informed at all times.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning and finding retirement income solutions can be a challenging process.  We review your current portfolio and sources of income in retirement to design a plan that can help you can reach your retirement and income goals.  We design a plan geared toward stability, potential growth, and preservation of principle throughout retirement all while maintaining a level of flexibility in order to accommodate a client’s changing needs.

Tax Planning Strategies

Tax planning strategies are very important when it comes to preserving wealth. It’s integral to passing your wealth to heirs and minimize your tax bill. Tax planning strategies are an integral component to our investment process.

Customized Portfolios

We build customized portfolios based on your time horizon, goals, and risk tolerance.

These portfolios seek to preserve your wealth and potentially grow your assets. We do this with the following 5 key essentials.

  • Align your vision, values, needs and objectives
  • Determine an investment time horizon
  • Determine a rate-of-return objective
  • Deciding on an acceptable level of risk that is commensurate with your return objectives
  • Implement Investment Process

Risk Management

Managing risk doesn’t mean avoiding opportunities.

We ask the right questions to help you get real answers.  We ask questions like “What plans do you have in place if and when the next market crash happens?”

To better understand your risk parameters, we’ll help you consider the following:

  • Time Horizon
  • Risk Objectives
  • Tolerance
  • Select Investment Strategy
  • Liquidity