Who We Help

Working With You

CrossPoint Wealth is ready to serve a variety of investors


Individuals are faced with a variety of cross-points on their investment journeys.  From investment management to long-term care planning, it is important to have an experienced financial advisor help you navigate your options keeping your best interests in mind.x


We help clients throughout the various stages of their lives – from families wanting to prepare for their children’s education, to representing those clients who are ready to begin planning about the passing of their estate, to taking care of families who have lost loved ones.


CrossPoint Wealth recognizes that the needs of small business owners are truly unique.  We are ready to help small business navigate the investment options for their own employees and to help business owners with their own financial planning needs.

Our Fiduciary Duty

Here at CrossPoint Wealth, we incorporate our fiduciary duty into every aspect of our business.  CrossPoint Wealth was founded to help serve a wide variety of investors and is committed to ensuring that everything we do is in the best interest of our clients.  The special relationship of trust, confidence, and responsibility that comes with being a fiduciary can help you feel confident that your financial advisor is truly looking out for you, your family, or your business.